Holocaust Memorial Day Wed 27th Jan 2021:
Be the Light in the Darkness

Settle Quakers are marking Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 with a virtual event starting at 7pm. More details here.

 Click here to read our reflections for Holocaust Memorial Day

Thought for the week

We are currently holding  Meeting for Worship on Zoom, for 45 minutes starting at 10.30. Please go to the Online Meeting For Worship link on the website, or contact Marian McNichol to join this. Alternatively, we hope that Friends will “worship where they are” on Sundays from 10.30 to 11.15. In this way we hope to sustain together a strong worshipping Meeting. We hope to have a new “thought for the week” here each week, with the hope that it may be used as an aid to our “gathering” as a meeting each Sunday morning. Previous “Thoughts” can be found here. If you have suggestions for passages, please contact Sue Cariss.

Quaker Faith and Practice 10.18

“To make a safe home for small children, to comfort one person in sorrow, to do one’s work as efficiently as possible, to listen with understanding, to be gentle with the old and courteous to the young – these are the humble tasks to which most men and women are called. They build the home or the meeting or the community which is the first step towards the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The second is to be aware of greater tasks and to be ready to be used in solving them – ready, not worried or anxious or envious, but content to wait, exercising a ministry of prayer to sustain the healers and the reconcilers already at work in their thousands.”

Olive Tyson, 1966

Suggested by Julia Hargreaves and Sue Cariss

Around 30 people typically come to Sunday Meeting for Worship

Settle Quaker Meeting is an oasis for contemplation, meditation, and spiritual well-being. We want all who visit to leave feeling refreshed, inspired and at peace.

Quakers practice a religion of experience. It is a contemporary, simple, and radical faith.  Quakers are also called Friends.

When permitted, there here are two Quaker Meetings for Worship here each week. All are welcome.

Sunday 10.30 – 11.30 with Children’s Meeting | Tuesday 12.15 – 12.45

Outside these times the Meeting House and garden are usually open for quiet reflection.

You can find us at Friends Meeting House, Kirkgate, Settle BD24 9DX

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