About Quakers


Settle Quaker Meeting offers a focus for prayer, contemplation, meditation – whatever leads to spiritual well-being. We would like all who visit to feel refreshed and at peace.

Quakers practice a religion of experience based originally in radical Christianity. In modern times we welcome Friends (another name for Quakers) from many faiths and none.

First time in a Quaker Meeting:

You are very welcome to join us at our Meeting for Worship.

A Quaker meeting is conducted mostly in silence – a silence of expectancy in which we seek to come nearer to God and to each other as we share the stillness. There is no fixed structure to most meetings – there are no creeds, hymns or set prayers, no minister and no formal service. Many find this strange at first and can be distracted by roving thoughts or external noises.

Anyone present might feel compelled by the Spirit to speak, read, pray or sing and the silence is broken. Such events are infrequent and are entirely unplanned. If what you hear does not seem to make sense try to reach behind the words to understand their inspiration.

Meeting for Worship is not a debate. It is inappropriate to respond directly to spoken ministry but it is not unusual for other ministry to build on what has already been said.

After about an hour, two of the Elders, seated at the front where everyone can see them, will shake hands, signalling the end of the formal worship