Faith in Action in Settle


As a membership, we are actively involved in promoting peace and justice. We do this through a range of activities.

  • Many of our members are active in the Justice and Peace group in Settle. The Justice and Peace group meets at Settle Meeting House the second Wednesday of every month to hear talks and presentations on related issues. Recent presentations and discussions include:
    • Why we can’t afford the rich with Professor Andrew Sayer
    • Keith Reeves on his experience in Palestine as an Ecumenical Accompanier
    • Climate Change and what we can do about it with by local climate change specialists Dr. Julia Hargreaves and Dr. James Annan
    • A talk by Veterans for Peace
  • We run regular Traidcraft events. Traidcraft is a national charity that sells fair trade goods, runs life-changing development projects and campaigns for trade justice. Read more about Traidcraft.
  • Quakers in Settle started the Death Cafe.
  • A local Quaker set up Settle Stories. This local charity uses the transformative power of story to change lives. They bring into focus hidden stories and enable the vulnerable and disenfranchised to have a voice.

We are members of Churches Together in Settle and District.