Here are some snippets from some events in 2018.

Settle Friends Meeting 2017-2018



Marian and Phil  McNichol are resident friends at Settle Meeting House, they live in Quaker Garth  and  keep a record of the life of the meeting.


We held a 95th  birthday party for Barbara Bowman one of our oldest members and here she is with Walter and Mary two of our youngest members


Flowerpot Festival

Settle has a flowerpot festival every summer where people build a flowerpot sculpture and a trail is produced  for visitors. Here is the resident friends’ house with a flowerpot sculpture of a giant leprechaun outside although some people thought he was maybe George Fox because of his hat and shoes . Last year we did a local dialect poet Thomas Twistleton and his sheep. A local charity brings refugee groups to the Dales for a day out and last year they helped to make their own flowerpot sculpture in a small park. Unfortunately it was vandalised on several occasions so the meeting house rescued it and placed it in the meeting house gardens for safekeeping  with a  poster telling the very appropriate story of vandalism and  the move to a safe place.


Social Justice Concerns

 In July 2018  a cycle ride was organised by Kendal and Sedbergh Meeting to take a petition down to the prime minister opposing the changes made to our benefit system wi which has created great hardship. The group stayed at Settle Meeting house overnight and we signed their petition.

ride for equalitydeclarationsigning

Marian and Phil took the Settle banner to Faslane in Scotland the nuclear submarine base to oppose nuclear weapons and a Quaker vigil was held on a very cold June day on Pendle Hill opposing the fracking which is taking place locally.


We support a local group   who campaign for justice for Palestinians . They hold talks, films and a cafe once a year at the meeting house.

justicejustice talk

This year was the centenary commemoration for the end of the World War One. We held a workshop making white peace poppies and then decorated a tree with them. Each poppy had a label attached remembering somebody affected by war.  We were pleased that several non quakers joined us in this witness to peace and the tragedy of war.

poppy makingpoppy tree!

Our most difficult  social justice  work in the area meeting  this year was a workshop on Anti Semitism .

The Meeting House

In winter and summer:


Meeting House

Our meeting house garden is actually our burial ground but the gravestones were moved along the adjoining wall 50 years ago. The local people enjoy our garden but there was a bit of opposition when we cut down a tree recently. It was much too big. We replaced it with a black mulberry, a cherry and a rowan.

grave stoneschainsaw

The meeting house is used almost every day by different community groups. Settle town organises a folk gathering every year and we have music sessions in the meeting house. Here are some dancers  in the town square The Olde Naked Man cafe is very famous, with some believing the original naked man was a quaker or  it was a joke about Early Quakers objecting to  fancy buttons on their clothing