Who we are

Quakers have no ministers. Or, to put it another way, everyone is a minister in a Quaker Meeting – we all take a little bit of responsibility. When it comes to general organisation, things are organised more or less so that people are enabled to bring their skills to bear in the most suitable ways. There are a lot of funny titles for the various roles and a strong penchant for committee making, with organisational meetings conducted using the strange but powerful Quaker business method. The result should be that no one has too much of a burden to bear.

Here are some of the people involved in Settle Meeting:
(this page is awaiting brief role descriptions, pics, and of course permission to post names)

Clerk John Asher, Clerk of Settle MeetingJohn Asher – As Clerk I help with the organisation of Meeting so that we worship and witness effectively as a community of Friends. I also chair the North Craven Heritage Trust, our local civic society. 




Resident Friends:

The collective noun for Quakers  is a “Meeting”. Quaker Meetings are scalable in both space and time. Settle Meeting is a Local Meeting, but we are also part of Craven and Keighley Area Meeting which is a wider area that meets less often. It includes the Local Meetings of Settle, Airton, Keighley, Skipton and Bentham. The next step up in scale is Quakers in Yorkshire, which meets about quarterly, and we all also belong to Britain Yearly Meeting, which – you guessed it – has a big meeting once a year!